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A Study on Food and Beverages Television Advertisement on Food Consumption Behavior

Advertising aims to influence audiences by informing or reminding them of the existence of the brand or at a higher level, persuading or helping the ... Read more

CSR Funds in Banking Sector as an Effective Means for Financial Inclusion Initiatives in India

The objective of the financial inclusion initiatives is to ensure that everyone, particularly poor people has access to the financial services and products. The banking ... Read more

Influence of Age and Income on Online Shopping Adoption

In the recent years trend is observed wherein purchasing by ‘click’ is gaining ground over traditional ‘brick’ model. This has become international phenomenon. As online ... Read more

The Impact of Trust on Acceptance of Internet Banking

In today’s world Internet Banking is growing day by day. It has been a successful tool in our country to reduce the bank’s working cost ... Read more

The Current Trends in Bancassurance Channel of Life Insurance Sector in India

Bancassurance is the blend of the terms 'Bank' and 'Insurance'. In this kind of arrangement, the insurance product is sold through banks. This paper attempts ... Read more

A Study of Gender and Age as a Determinant of Organizational Commitment In Banks

Organizational commitment is a feeling of dedication to one’s employing organization, willingness to work hard for that employer, and the intent to remain with that ... Read more

Futuristic Approach Towards HR Emerging Trends: A Perspective

In the global advancement HR creates a need for the organizations to adapt the changes in technology and the changing issues in management of people. ... Read more

A Study on Impact of Change in Brand Logo of Videocon on Customer Perception

Branding needs a shift of tactics and thinking on the part of marketing executives. With ever increasing customer awareness levels, marketers can no longer afford ... Read more

Importance of Nurturing Values and Ethics in Business with Special Reference to Corrupted Indian Economy

The paper seeks to draw attention on the importance of following ethical values in businesses in the contemporary Indian society which is profoundly entrenched under ... Read more

Role of Educational Institutions in Entrepreneurship Development

India has been growing at a quite high rate in the recent years, and is possible to be the largest economy in the world by ... Read more

A Comparative Study of Restructured Advances of Public Sector Banks and Private Banks

When the company cannot meet with its financial obligations or paying the debts when they are due, the company can be considered to lead to ... Read more

Employee Relations – A Study to Understand Its Impact on Talent Management in Information Technology Organizations

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to clarify what is meant by Employee Relations and why it is important particularly with respect to its ... Read more

Talent Acquisition, Management and Retention: A Conceptual Study

The business environment in emerging markets for the next 10-20 years will be challenging due to talent shortages and fierce competition for competent and trained ... Read more

Business Growth Through Disruptive Innovations

The term "disruptive technology" has been widely used as a synonym of "disruptive innovation", but the latter is now preferred, because market disruption has been ... Read more

The Role of Venture Capital in The Economic Development

The venture capital industry in India has grown significantly in recent years. It plays an important role in promoting a more innovative economy by providing ... Read more

The Impact of Green Marketing on Environmental Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Green marketing is growing rapidly and consumers are willing to pay a lot for green product. Green marketing affects all areas of our economy. Green ... Read more

India's Foreign Trade and Current Account Deficit: Challenges Ahead

Current Account Deficit is one of the major macroeconomic problems facing India. In this paper, we have tried to investigate the trends in foreign trade ... Read more

Importance of Business Ethics and Its Co-Relation with Profit

Ethics are beliefs regarding right and wrong behavior. An individual’s interpretation of ethical behavior is strongly influenced by a combination of family influences, life experience, ... Read more

Gender Effect on Visitors Satisfaction Towards Heritage Tourism

Tourism is one of the world fastest growing Industry. The tourism industry in India is substantial & vibrant & the country is fast becoming a ... Read more

total: 873 | displaying: 201 - 220