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Perception and attitude of Generation cohorts towards ICT for buying decisions

Abstract Online retailers are proliferating in huge numbers and they have observed a shift in the trend of consumers making buying decisions virtually over buying in ... Read more

Delivering Services Digitally-A conceptual framework

Abstract New Opportunities and new challenges evolving in the era of globalization. To grab the  opportunities technology innovation and implementation is necessary. Digitalization is entering into ... Read more

Cashless economy in India- Challenges and opportunities

Abstract  In India  most of the transactions are done in cash, the currency demonetization  has provided an opportunity to give a big thrust to electronic transactions ... Read more

An assessment of academic stress and its manifestations among University Teachers in Digital Era

Abstract Teachers stress has been well known across the globe. With the advent of the digital era, the class rooms are packed with latest gadgets and ... Read more

E- Governance Issues and Challenges

Abstract Skilled manpower is, perhaps, the biggest challenge of all. India has nearly 475 million people engaged in labour, out of which about 93% are engaged ... Read more

The Impact of Online Purchasing on Medical Tourism in Maharashtra State

Abstract The research Paper is exploring a emerging concept of on line purchasing growing in India and Maharashtra state. In the title of research paper “The ... Read more

The Emerging Medical Tourism Industry in Maharashtra State

Abstract This research Paper is exploring a new emerging Medical Tourism industry in Maharashtra. The main objective is to take overview of overwhelming performance of Medical ... Read more

Issues and Challenges in Digitalization Movement in India

Abstract The world has transformed from knowledge savvy to techno knowledge savvy. The things should be available on one click. The Digital India drive is a ... Read more

Role of Human Resources in Digital Transformation

Abstract Organizations are exploring a number of new ways to embrace digital transformation for better business. It is a challenge and a real complexity to plan ... Read more

Digital Marketing: Support Mechanisms, Strategies and Innovative Practices

Abstract Today, we are living in the era of digitalization. Using the internet, social media, mobile apps, and other digital communication technologies has become part of ... Read more

Digital India: Visualization towards Empowerment

Abstract Digital leaders play a critical role in paving the way for the digital transformation and should heavily engage and communicate with key stakeholders (whether internal ... Read more

Communication a powerful link towards globalization (The awareness and precautions)

Abstract Globalization is an integral part of today's human life. Today we are living the globalized life if we see the meaning of globalization; it is ... Read more

Digitalization: Glitter and Jitter With Reference To India

Abstract: The digitalization has bought change in economy and society by reducing unemployment, improving quality of life, and boosting access to knowledge and other public services. ... Read more

Retaining Diligent Employees through Career Development: with reference to IT Industry

Abstract Today's employees are more careers conscious than ever. They are demanding more in terms of personal growth and development. Organizations that fail to allow employees ... Read more

Using IT Driven Tools for Enhancing Communication in English: Need of the Hour

Abstract India has a huge population and it is increasing by leaps and bounds. As per the census of 2011, India has a literacy rate of ... Read more

A Study on the Impact of E-Commerce on Retail Marketing in the Present Digital Era with special reference to Tourism sector

Abstract Tourism and technology is making leaps and bounds with e-commerce changing the entire structure of the tourism sector as a whole. This has led to ... Read more

How Digital India Initiative can Revive the Education Sector

Abstract The Digital India vision provides the intensified force for progress and promotes inclusive growth that covers electronic services, products, devices, manufacturing and job opportunities. In ... Read more

Digital Transformation and Finance: Issues & Risk Factors

Abstract Imagine the person in a rural area winning back the time spent traveling many miles on foot or by bus to a cash agent, and ... Read more

The Impact of Digital Technology on Human Resource Management and Its Functions

Abstract Digitalization turns out to be one of the most influential trends in 21st century. Our world has become a global village.  Human Resource development is ... Read more

total: 873 | displaying: 61 - 80